Matt has been involved with music of some kind since he took up the piano as a child, but he didn't play his first note on a bass until middle school. He was first exposed to playing music outside of his own culture in college and has sought new experiences and connections in music since.

Matt has played bass at conferences like Urbana 12 and InterVarsity's National Staff Conference, and played sets with musicians including Kareem Manuel, Andy Mineo, and Jason Upton. He's logged hundreds of studio hours and recorded on over a dozen CDs, and has helped teach about being a professional musician at Urbana.

Matt has also acted as musical director or worship leader at conferences like InterVarsity Sonburst, InterVarsity Southeast Chapter Camp, and InterVarsity Spring Leadership Meetings. He has played as the regular bassist at Cross and Resurrection in Ypsilanti, MI and at First Assembly of God in Gainesville, FL.


Matt plays a Lakland Skyline 55-01 with custom electronics. He plays with a Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout and custom cables from Javier Ramos.